German language classes in Yemeni schools [Archives:2008/1207/Local News]

November 13 2008

By: Almigdad Mojalli
SANA'A, Nov. 12 ) The German embassy and the Ministry of Education launched the German initiative “Schools: Partners for the Future” by the German ambassador Michael Klor-Berchtold and the Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Abdullah al-Hamdi at Raba'a Al-Adawiyya school in Sana'a last Saturday.

The initiative is the result of joint effort between the German Cultural Institute or Goethe Institute in Egypt, the Yemeni Ministry of Education and the Embassy of the Federal republic of Germany.

According to Klor-Berchtold, the initiative aims to build up a worldwide network of 1,000 partner schools to alert young people's interest in modern-day Germany and German society.

In May 2008, the initiative selected 25 Yemeni secondary schools in Sana'a, Aden, Taiz, Ibb and Hadramout where German will be taught and out of the 25 schools, three schools have been chosen to become official partner schools, two in Sana'a and one in Aden and will receive special support by Germany. “We have chosen two schools in Sana'a – Belal Bin Rabah and Raba'a Al-Adawiyya, and another school in Aden to become official partner schools,” Klor-Berchtold said.

The Geothe institute appointed two experts Waleed Suleiman since 2007 and Katherin Fiez to take over the project until 2010.

According to an agreement signed in May 2008, the institute is committed to qualify teachers of German language, selecting and providing instructional aids, offering consultancy during the composition of syllabus and presenting consultancy in regards to the International examinations of German Language.

The Ministry of Education is committed to provide Yemeni teachers of German Language in coordination with Goethe institute. The Ministry of Education ensures that the German Language that will be taught in the schools of the project will become obligatory subject in case students selected it.