German nationals in Yemen, not targeted [Archives:2003/655/Local News]

July 31 2003

A number of Sheikhs and figures from Khowlan tribe, to which al-Moayyad belongs, said on Wednesday that they were no activities or threats against German nationals in Yemen that could be in connection with the arrest of Sheikh al-Moayyad in Germany.
Stance of the tribe have been adopted during former collective sit-ins in Sana'a, mentioning that all Yemenis respect the Germans and their nationals in Yemen due to their positive stance towards Yemen and Arab issues, and also because, the Germany is a leading state offering assistance to Yemen.
They added that previous kidnappings were unintentional.
A source at the German Embassy has denied the news published at Annas newspaper latest issue about the hand of the German Embassy in Sana'a enticing al-Moayyad and his companion to Germany last January and that the Embassy had granted him visa as it is the case with any Yemeni intending to visit Germany or to have medical treatment there.
Economical resources told the Yemen Times that Yemen could be economically affected by German foreign ministry and its embassy in Sana'a because of their warning to their nationals.
It also said that that could result in halting German tourist trips to Yemen and German developing programs in Yemen.