German Students visit the Yemen Times [Archives:2004/778/Local News]

October 4 2004

A host of German students from the University of Erlangen-Nuernberg visited the headquarters of Yemen Times Establishment on Tuesday Sept 30th in the accompaniment of Prof. Dr. Horst Kopp, after having made a tour of the country.
They met with Mr. Walid Al-Saqqaf, editor-in-chief, who briefed them on the newspaper and its history.
Majoring in population geography, they asked Mr. Al-Saqqaf questions, and were involved in a discussion about Yemen particularly in the fields of media, politics, human rights and the economy.
They also expressed their impressions of Yemen. “It is a fantastic country,” and “We have read and heard about Yemen but could not have imagined such a unique country” were some of the comments. The students were amazed by the diversity of traditions, costumes, and architecture in Yemen. One of them was particularly drawn to the distinctive Yemeni villages posed on mountain slopes.
They showed their interest in Yemeni issues including environmental concerns, and the conservation of biodiversity.
The group, consisting of 17 students (12 females), arrived in Yemen on September 14th.