German woman says rights violated Seeking justice [Archives:2003/02/Focus]

January 13 2003

No doubt the assassination of YSP official Jaralallh Omar and the killing of 3 US aid workers in Jibla recently are the result of weak law enforcement on the carrying and use of weapons, and other violations of the law.
The incidents raise the question: Is law enforced in Yemen?
Similarly the various human right violations happening everywhere in the country raises the question. Does Yemen value article 17(2) that it signed part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?
Being a native of Germany and the widow of Mohamed Hassan Al-Amry, I have my own sad experience to tell in this regard. I have been deprived from my heritage and was treated inhumanly throughout my stay in Yemen. Many dirty tricks were played by powerful figures in courtrooms to deny me my rights.
I know that there are many human rights violations that happen in the country, but I found out how serious the problem is when I went through a personal experience of oppression and denial of human rights.
What I was also saddened about was the fact that I was offered a settlement of US $50,000 to leave the country, and was attacked physically and morally in public, in courtroom, and even in my private life?
Where do the Yemeni authorities stand in this?
I have been delayed by the court for ages and the final verdict is still to come. How long does it take to get your rights in Yemen?
When I married Dr. Mohamed Seriy 15 months ago, I went through even more severe conditions. My husband, who owns a trading company in medical goods was deprived of his financial rights in a contract with the ministry of health, leaving him in debt until now.
Some influential figures did and continue to do their best to destroy his small firm. Furthermore, he goes through physiological torture everyday as he is spied upon, and monitored all the time. He and I have no private life anymore as we are watched around the clock.
When we submitted a complaint to the Ministry of Human Rights, we got no answer. We have complained to every authority or entity one can imagine but to no avail. It is unfortunate that as a German, I get such an impression on Yemen. I have converted to Islam but certainly believe that those actions are against the spirit of my new religion.
I hope everyone who reads this would realize the tough conditions we went through and would give us a helping hand. I just want one favorable response from the authorities or those who can make a difference in my life and allow me to continue living peacefully in Yemen instead of leaving for Germany.
My husband and I are asking for justice and expiations for all cases mentioned. We demand an apology and indemnity for all that we have gone through and a response from the authorities we requested for help.