German-Yemen Friendnship Society “Looking for ways to help Yemen overcome  the present negative image.” [Archives:1999/08/Law & Diplomacy]

February 22 1999

German – Yemeni Society (GYS) was founded in 1970, and there are about 900 members in Germany and all over the world.
Mr. Peter H. Hellmuth, the President of the society, along with Mr. Peter Wald, a Journalist and a member of the society are here in Sana’a. The purpose of their visit is to have talks with various people concerned with the society, and to enhance the relation between the two friendly nations.
” We do undertake many activities. One of our main activities is our sincere efforts to promote tourism to Yemen. We provide German speaking tourists with information about Yemen, since there is no other place to provide them information. We also publish a magazine twice a year about Yemen, and we also have published tourist maps of Yemen in four languages Arabic, German, English and French” said Mr. Hellmuth
The GYS have a special program to bring Yemeni and German doctors
together. Many doctors here in Sana’a and also in Germany have very close connections, and they visit each other and exchange their knowledge and experiences.
” At the present we have a very interesting program to support Soccatra Island. We have financially supported Dr. Qadoomi the only doctor in the Island, to come to Sana’a and do some training by working in different hospitals in order to help him gain experience.”
Mr. Hellmuth added.
The GYS is planing two projects here in Yemen. The first one is to celebrate 30 years of Yemen- German economical development, in Autumn this year. They also hope to have a chance to participate with some of their activities in the national celebrations of the country.
The second project is to educate the people of Soccatra about their Island, since they no nothing about there Island, we hope to present them with a small booklet with fundamental information about their Island.
” I have visited Yemen several times, and I am here after 3 years break. I see that Sana’a is growing very much. On the other side I see that people are becoming poorer, the number of beggars at traffic lights is alarming.” said Mr. Peter