Germans support cistern project to promote girls’ education [Archives:2007/1031/Local News]

March 8 2007

HAJJAH, March 6 ) The German government has granted approximately $50,000 to construct and rehabilitate cisterns in 17 villages in Hajjah governorate.

“The project intends to rehabilitate 15 cisterns and build eight new ones,” said Irene Fellmann, a Development Cooperation counselor at the German Embassy, who added, “The project will contribute to minimizing the burdens upon rural families, particularly women and girls, who spend a long time bringing water from remote wells to their home. This will leave them more time to attend school and courses on how to read and write.”

The project, which will be implemented by German NGO Vision Hope, together with the Jamaiyyat Al-Mustaqbal Association, will target 170 poor rural families “Additionally, coffee and mango trees will be planted to generate income for poor families,” according to an embassy press release regarding the project's benefits.

The criteria for villages to participate in the project are extreme water scarcity, poverty and the beneficiaries' willingness to contribute their own work to the construction and rehabilitation without payment. The costs of materials, transport and technical support will be provided via German support through the implementing agencies.