Germany and Yemen celeberate 30 years of cooperation [Archives:2008/1122/Local News]

January 21 2008

SANA'A, Jan 18 ) A celeberation was held at the residence of German ambassador Mickael Klor-Berchtold, for 30 years of cooperation (since 1978) between Yemen and Germany in archaeological and restoration projects.

Klor-Berchtold commented that joint projects between the two countries helped in the preservation of Yemen's most valuable ancient sites, such as the pre-Islamic temple Arsh Bilqis in Marib and Al-Maqah sanctuary in Sirwah.

Dr. Iris Gerlach, Director of Deutsches Archeology Institute in Yemen for 10 years, noted that the projects incorporate the wide-ranging cultural cooperation and development efforts Germany has been undertaking jointly with Yemen since the beginning of bilateral relations in the late 1960s.

She said, “We believe that Yemen has a lot of untapped history which has not come to light yet. Consequently, these projects, including studies and research, were conducted in order to know more about Yemen's civilizations, as it holds the missing link to the history of the Arabian Peninsula.”

She went on to say that the projects will help increase tourism in the country. Moreover, she added that excavation and preservation projects will also serve the scientific field and purpose.

According to Professor Mult Hermann, President of Deutsches Archeology Institute in German, “Yemen's anicent history holds a very unique place in history which needs to be tapped and studied, as it yet remains a medieval land and modernist fantasy to be discovered.”

Hermann went on to say that infomation about old civilizations like Eypt, Persia and Greek are known and have come to light. However, Yemen's civilization needs to be focused on, in order to fill a missing link in world history.

Hermann further stated that not only oil will be a main income for Yemen, but Yemen's ancient history will largely contribute to the country's revenue, as it will attract tourists from all over the world and thus stimulate Yemen's economy.

Mickael Klor-Berchtold saluted the 30-year cooperation between Germany and Yemen, saying, “It shows that both countries have a strong relationship with each other and we will certainly continue with more projects in Yemen, and this cooperation will continue to progress.”