Germany Grants Yemen YR 3.4 Billion [Archives:2000/15/Local News]

April 10 2000

The Federal Republic of Germany commits, for the year 2000, 42.2 mio. DM, i.e. 3.4 billion YR, as a grant within the framework of the Yemeni-German development cooperation. The Agreed Minutes were signed on April 4 by Deputy Minister for Planning and Development, Anwar Ali-Harazi, and by the German Head of Delegation, Herbert Sahlmann.
Out of this sum, 20 mio. DM, i.e. appr. 1.6 billion YR, will be allocated for financial cooperation to the water supply and sanitation project in Sa’dah as well as to the extension of the project Construction and Rehabilitation of Primary Schools in Ibb and Abyan. Furthermore, 22.2 mio. DM, i.e. appr. 1.8 billion YR, will be utilized for projects under technical cooperation, among others for advisory services in the waste management sector and in the public health sector, for training in the water sector, for the promotion of small enterprises as well as for strengthening self-help and self-reliance.