Germany supports Yemen in eradicating Polio [Archives:2005/857/Local News]

July 7 2005

The Government of the Federal republic of Germany is committed to do its share in the fight against the spread of dangerous virus infections all over the world. The eradication of polio is one of the main priorities in this effort. Therefore Germany has contributed to the WHO polio eradication Initiative more than US$4.8 million since 2003, in addition; it has contributed more than US$ 25 million through the EU since 1984. For 2005, the German government has pledged another US$1million for the WHO initiative.

Unlike other countries, Germany has decided to make its contribution towards the world Health Organization without earmarking amounts for certain countries. In this way, the WHO gets the flexibility it needs to react promptly to new outbreaks. A considerable part of the funding for immunization campaigns recently carried out in Yemen came from German sources. It will remain the common objectives of the Governments of Yemen and Germany to eradicate polio in Yemen and worldwide.