Germany to continue support [Archives:2002/52/Local News]

December 23 2002

While Japan has warned it may pull out some its $20 million in annual support to Yemen in light of Yemen’s recent purchase of Scud missiles from Korea, Germany says it’s actually planning to boost its support, at least in some areas, to Yemen.
For example, it plans to boost education support in the four governorates of Marib, al-Jawf, Sada’a and Hajja.
Germany has also agreed to give support to Yemen’s drinking water crisis.
During a press conference held at the Germany Embassy in Sana’a last Wednesday, German officials spoke highly spoke of enacting the Yemen government’s water bill.
Regarding the missiles, German officials said they’ve spoken to officials in Yemen’s government over spending to much money for military purposes while at the same time disregarding other vital needs.
The German officials said Germany is happy that there have been no kidnappings in Yemen in 13 months.
Several key financial cooperation projects in water supply and sanitation, basic health and family planning, building and rehabilitation of primary schools are part of Germany’s support.