Germany wants UN inspectors back in Iraq [Archives:2002/42/Local News]

October 14 2002

Germany wants the dispute with Iraq to be settled through the UN, not military invasion, confirmed a top German political consultant this week.
Mrs. Andra Christ, of the German embassy, confirmed Germany wants to see the return of international inspectors to see if Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
This statement came in a lecture organized by the Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies last Monday on “The German vision on many hot international issues.”
Regarding the Palestine issue, Christ says she feels that the situation is getting worse and the solution lies in the creation of two separate states with a safe border between them. Only then it will there be suitable time to think about what might be future relations between them, she said.
About the problem of cultures and religions, she said it’s important for people not to believe lies about others. She said Germany strives to accept and understand cultures of other nations through education.
Christ has admitted there is tension between her country and the USA over the terrorism and ways to fight it. She confirmed Germany is rejecting any human rights violations under any excuse even to fight terrorism.
Further, she said that her country is committed to terrorism fighting and very cooperative with the USA, but according to the German-defined vision and within the UN limits.
In response to the German military attendance in the African Horn, Christ stated that these forces are working within the UN and Germany is not an imperialistic state and will not participate in any attack against Iraq.
The lecture which was managed by Dr. Mohammed Al Afandi, Chairman of the Yemeni Center for Strategic Studies, and had in attendance VIPs, diplomats and journalists.