Get a Glimpse of Street Pavements [Archives:2001/33/Culture]

August 13 2001

Abduh Mokbil Abduh
Yemen Times
The place which I betake myself to, is the street pavements. These streets are over-crowded with accumulated books. In addition to this, there are certain books which neither nourish nor meet the requirements of the avid reader. They are scattered in every corners of streets pavements. No one asked himself from where all these books come from? Why are they sold in broad day light?, no sense of accountability is hold. The eye-catching thing is the scholastic books, these books are readily accessible to the reader while our students are deprived of the most of these accumulated books all the year around. Some of the Yemeni schools are in dire need of these books and the deficiency of these books is still existent and half of these books are out-of-date, that is to say, they are available from the previous years. The student remain nearly for the half of the year and then he doesn’t get his whole curriculum and at last he has to look for or buy the books from these places . What I want to say here is, how these books are infiltrated into these middlemen? particularly, scholastic books which are sold in broad day light on street pavements and with large quantities? We pose this problem to the concerned in the educational and pedagogical field in schools from the very beginning, passing through the press and finally, we hold the officials accountable for this serious phenomenon. Such serious matters should be tackled immediately.