Getting ready for the Holy Month Ramadhan exhibitions are opened [Archives:2002/44/Local News]

October 28 2002

Cities across Yemen are gearing up for Holy Month through the annual exhibitions organized by the Hael Saeed Ana’am Group (HSAG).
The first of 2002 was opened October 19 by Taiz deputy governor M. Abdulmalik Al Haiajem.
The exhibition at the Saeed Exhibition Hall will last to November 7.
The exhibition, which brings together more than a dozen Yemeni companies, includes food products, household equipments, and furniture.
Saving time and money
Mohammed Al Haiajem said these exhibitions are serving the citizens by helping them to save money and time. He said high attendance to the exhibitions confirms consumers are confident in national products, and that the government will support national industries.
Shawqi Ahmed Hayel, vice-manager of the industrial administration of the group, said the exhibitions show the good quality of products stamped “Made in Yemen”.
Rashad Mugaless, general supervisor of the exhibition, said the exhibitions are popular in several Yemeni cities.
“The exhibition aims at providing citizens with their needs in the holy month, with reasonable prices which meet the financial abilities of visitors who will find high-quality brands and promotional gifts,” he said.
HSAG holds similar exhibitions every year in several Yemeni cities before Ramadhan, and encourages visitors at the following locations:
Sana’a: Sana’a Expo Center for International Exhibitions, Taiz street-Shumaila Zone.
Taiz: Asaeed hall For Exhibitions. Al Qwat street-Ausifra- beside Anahda School.
Aden: The Consumer Complex Hall of Mua’ala, second floor.
Hodieda: Hodieda International Exhibitions Hall, beside the Arab Bank.
Ibb : The Economic Corporation hanger, next to Jebla road. Mukalla: Dar Bakatheer, Asslam Zone, Mukalla
Visitors impressed
“I always visit such exhibitions every year to buy Ramadhan needs, the prices are reasonable and there are tempting prizes,” said Ali Abdullah, a visitor to the exhibition.
“I have found a quality products in the exhibition, and buying from such exhibitions is encouraging to our national industries,” said Farooq Ibrahim, a doctor
” The discounts are tempting and I found here everything I need,” Ibrahim Abu Nassier said.