Getting up to speed Information strategy needed in Yemen [Archives:2002/46/Local News]

November 11 2002

Helping Yemen, and the broader Arab world, get up to speed with 21st century information technology was the topic of a recent two-day conference.
“We live in a technology era in which everything is done quickly, especially information. We cannot deny that we live in a globalization age, so the information of this day will already be history tomorrow,” said Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi, the vice-president, who attended the conference.
In the opening session on Nov. 3, Hadi, gave speech in which he concentrated on the importance of having national strategy for information under the speedy development in information field. He pointed out that if we want to have an integrated information system, the ministries and institutions have to work together with the National Information Center.
Representatives from different ministries and governmental devices as well as various interested private companies and institutions participated in the conference.
Abdual Kareem Shamsan, chairman of the center, expressed his happiness for the good attendance from different sectors, and government support.
“Today we remember our first walk in the information field, that it’s featured by President Ali Abduallah Saleh’s vision which inspires us with confidence in success,” he said.
“We are passing in important phase in which the information webs, electronics and latest developments are the essential trait at present. The information is a national heritage that we all have to cooperatively develop,” he said.
He also warned not to blindly imitate some other countries experiences without looking at the technological differences. The next day a discussing session was opened to give participants a chance to comment on which participants they appreciated, to help move toward a national strategy.
Taking all comments and criticism into consideration, the National Information Center decided to improve and develop the contents of the National Strategy Version to definitely will be an essential base.
It decided the national center should form a committee representing all the interested and concerned sides.
And it also noted the importance of putting legislation in the information field, and seeking a unified Arabic information strategy.