Girl killed, 2 injured in tribal clashes [Archives:2006/935/Local News]

April 6 2006

By: Saddam Al-Ashmori
AMRAN, April 5 ) A little girl was killed and two tribesmen injured in renewed armed confrontations between Shars and Maswar tribes in the areas between Hajjah and Amran provinces, according to security sources. They added that the fighting erupted once again last Saturday.

Security authorities in both provinces mobilized to the fighting tribes to settle the clashes.

Sheikh Hussein Daqain from the Shars tribe said clashes renewed because the Maswar tribe broke a treaty the two tribes had signed. This led Shars tribesmen to seize five cars belonging to Maswar tribesmen in an attempt to pressure the other tribe to abide by the treaty.

Tensions run high between the two sides but sheikhs and prominent individuals in neighboring areas intervened and forced Shars tribesmen to release the seized vehicles.

Hajjah Security Department Chief Ali Al-Mutalabah confirmed to Al-Sahwah Net that his department is working hard, in coordination with Amran Security Department, to end the fighting.

Sheikh Hussein Al-Maswari from the Maswar tribe said Shars tribe blocked flowing water from reaching their farms, thereby fueling confrontations between the sides.

He said there is no water in Maswar's high mountains so locals resort to hauling water up from the valley in bordering areas. Under a previous agreement, the valley is owned and utilized equally by locals of both tribes.

Al-Maswari noted that skirmishes over water erupted seven years ago, claiming the lives of several members from both tribes.