Girls chew qat too [Archives:2008/1215/Last Page]

December 11 2008

Saddam Ashmori
For the Yemen Times

In the governorate of Amran, some 50 kilometers north of Sana'a, chewing qat and smoking among women is strongly disapproved of by society. Although only a few elder women would practice these habits in the past, nowadays more and more women of different ages chew qat and spark up their cigarettes and hookahs, the ancient Middle Eastern water pipe filled with sweetened tobacco, on a daily basis during social gatherings similar to those of men.

Elham, a university student says that she picked up the habit when she was in high school: “I liked qat because it helped me stay up late to study, particularly during exams. Now, I chew qat every day and in increasing quantities.”

Um Ammar says that she usually chews qat at her friend's house. “I chew every day at the qat session and smoke my hookah as well,” she points out. “”Girls like these sessions as it's an opportunity for them to share their problems and they talk about different things including politics and gossip.””

Some girls say they are only victims