Girls’ Health Conference [Archives:2004/727/Local News]

April 8 2004

On Tuesday 6 April, the Second National Conference on Girls' Health began. More than 100 men and women representing private organizations, government authorities, academic experts and activists in the field of women's and child rights participate in the conference, which is organized by the Women's National Committee in Aden. The two-day conference discusses several scientific working papers focusing on four points: the reality of female circumcision (problems and progress achieved); the religious message and Islamic legislative view on female circumcision; the importance of eliminating this phenomenon, including field studies and experiments and a discussion of the expertise of relevant associations; and the role of the media in introducing new scientific means and curricula.
This second conference comes following efforts to evaluate and follow up the implementation of the recommendations of the previous conference, to enhance and expand the Islamic legislative role and to increase awareness and change understandings of this phenomenon.