Girls World Communication CenterAnother summer camp wrapped up [Archives:2005/872/Local News]

August 29 2005

Thursday 25 August – The Girls World Communication Center (GWCC) concluded its summer camp.

Students from different levels performed songs and plays in English to great applause.

There was an exhibition that displayed the student-made activities that centered on how to improve the English language, protect the environment and water, concern about traditions as well as youth participation in different social activities in preparation to be the leaders of the future.

Speeches delivered by teachers and students expressed happiness about enjoying their time in the GWCC and the success of the summer camp.

Ms. Al- Mutwakel also made a promise that there would a separate place for young boys next summer through which they would get the same and equal opportunities that girls have in GWCC and would enjoy with the same activities and programs.

The Girls World Communication Center (GWCC) was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization as the first language center in Yemen caring exclusively for girls. Since 2005 the center has expands it its activities to include male young and be part of the Youth Leadership Development Foundation (YLDF) and one of the founders of Yemeni Youth Network.

The center allows women and girls of Sana'a, Yemen the opportunity to develop themselves through English and computer courses, work experience opportunities, an internet club, use of the library and various creative and exercise courses the GWCC offers. All the courses at the GWCC combine traditional foreign language learning methods with topical issues relating to the community and culture. Courses are based on issues such as; the environment, health and hygiene and human rights concerns.

The GWCC has succeeded to established itself within the community as a respected and established learning center. The GWCC is sustainable on its own merits, and through center own funds, plus donations from local and international patrons it provides scholarships to underprivileged girls.

The main aim of the GWCC is to assist and encourage young women and girls to pursue their aspirations and dreams. The GWCC aims to provide those girls with the necessary tools to pursue an education, a career with the local workplace or as mothers of the next generation and to be able to communicate globally.