Globalization and our commitments [Archives:2004/780/Business & Economy]

October 11 2004

Ismail Al-Ghabiri
Globalization is no longer a contestable issue, influential people control our entire lives and we haven't a choice to accept or reject it, for the world is but a small village.
We find ourselves in this part of the world between two alternatives: we can either pave the way for change, removing the obstacles to investment and capital flow by issuing a number of legislative procedures, taxes and exemptions in order to maintain our industry and harvests, or we can remain, as we are, consumers of everything.
The need to be ready for international economic change compels us to make many commitments, and to work hard in all fields of life, starting with education and improving curricular so that they are up-to-date and fit for markets.
We also need new procedures to facilitate investment and compel company proprietors to work according to international standards. This is necessary to be able to present useful things and protect ourselves from what is to come. Not only that, but we should fight corruption, routinely high taxes and the variety of authorities. Firm legislation and tireless effort is needed in the interests of our area before time runs out, for the leaders of globalization will not long suffer the area's corruption and backwardness.