Good Luck to our National Team in the Coming Al-Hussein Tournament in Jordan [Archives:1999/33/Sports]

August 16 1999

The Yemeni sport delegation left Sanaa last Saturday to Amman, Jordan to participate in the Al-Hussein Tournament held from August 51-21. Yemen will be participating in 11 games. Before leaving, our delegation met with the Minister of the Youth and sports, Dr. Abdul Wahab Raweh who encouraged them to do their best to give a good picture of Yemen. 
“The selection of players is based upon their achievements during the last year and depending on what they have rendered on the local as well as the international level.” said the General Secretary of the Yemeni Olympic Committee. He also stated that he believes that our team will do something we will be proud of. Our sport delegation consists of the following:
Mohammed Al-Ahgri, Chairman of the Delegation
Abdul Al-Wahab Noman, Manager of the Sport Teams
& Isam Al-Akaswi
The sport teams are:
1- Table tennis: Loai Sabri, Walid Ata, Ibrahim Al-Gkolani and a Chinese tutor.
2- Acrobats: Nasr Al-Harazi, Nashwan Al-Harazi, Foad Al-Zabidi, Bandar Al-Zabidi and their Chinese coach.
3- Tae-kwan-do: Wadah Alwan, Abdul Aziz Saif, Abdul Rahim Morad and their Yemeni coach, Adel Mokbel.
4- Judo: Mohammeed Ismail, Ali Al-Harazi, Shareef Mahmoud and their Yemeni coach, Gameel Wafi.
5- Body building: Wagdi Mohammed, Ahmad Al-Aklani and their Yemeni coach, Abdul Hakeem Al-Dahri.
6- Karate: Nagi Mosa, Ali Al-Megklafi, Abdul Salam Al-Rimi and their Yemeni coach, Gkalid Al-Ameer.
7- Shooting : Gamal Obad Nagi.
8- Wrestling: Abdullah Al-Azani, Mohsen Al-Shabi, Samir Abdul Karim, Mohammed Al-Komri and their Iraqi coach, Raa’d Hosain.
9- Athletics: Gkalid Al-Etashi, Samir Al-Yafai, Ismail Aldolah, Ala’a Al-Saqqaf and their Yemeni coach, Isam Al-marwai.
10- Chess: Hatem Al-Hadrani, Hamid Al-Kadi, Zandan Al-Zandani, Gkalil Al-Sobaihi, Basheer Al-Kadimi, Sabri Abdul Mola and their Yemeni coach Abdul Karim Al-Othari.
11- Kick boxing: Ali Dawood.
Yemen Times Wishes Good Luck for all.