Government announces Al-Houthi’s death after heavy military clashesRebellion terminated [Archives:2004/772/Front Page]

September 13 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
Ministries of Interior and Defense announced on Friday September 10th, the end of military operations after the death of Sheikh Hussein Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi and some of his followers.
“The leaderships of the Ministries of Interior and Defense this Friday, announce the killing of Hussein Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, and a number of his followers, the surrender of the rest, and the end of all military and security operations of the army and security forces that have been directed towards quenching the rebellion ignited by Al-Houthi,” the statement read.
In a telephone conversation, a source close to Al-Houthi on Saturday night did not confirm nor deny the news. He said: “The issue will not be ended by the death of Sheikh Al-Houthi. Many will adopt the cause for the sake of which Al-Houthi was martyred. They will serve as leaders and instructors. War will continue endlessly, and the authority will not find rest unless it answers their crucial and lawful demands.”
The source added: “the ferocity of bloody clashes between the government's forces and Sheikh Al-Houthi's followers has accelerated. It is no longer guerilla raids, but it is now fierce war covering areas of Mran, Al Shaifi'ah, Hamdan bin Zaid, Al Al-Ka'abi, Al Al-Ruzami and other districts.”
According to him, human and property losses have reached the highest levels since the beginning of the war on June 18th as the government uses warplanes, and destructive weapons forbidden to be used in internal conflicts.
At the end of his statement, the source appealed to the President Ali Abdullah Saleh to fear God in his treatment of his fellow citizens, and hold dialogue with the followers of Al-Houthi in a way that benefits the religion, and people. The source urged the Government to stop shedding Yemeni blood, which has been bleeding for three months, resulting in over 20,000 deaths, massive property losses and billions of riyals from the public treasury.