Government, Business, Media and NGOs Join Hands: Multi-Pronged Tourism Offensive [Archives:1999/06/Front Page]

February 8 1999

On February 2nd, 1999, in response to a joint effort by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and the Yemen Times, 62 representatives of the tourist industry in Yemen met to discuss the present predicament of the sector, and what can be done. The group representing the airlines, tour operators, hotels, restaurants, artisans, etc., took decisions to shore up the business.
The most important among these is the establishment of a Tourism Promotion Board. The board is chaired by the minister. In its membership are included five representatives of government bodies concerned with tourism. Also included are 21 representatives of private businesses.
Another important decision has to do with the establishment of a Tourism Promotion Fund. The Fund, which is expected to spend US$ 2.5 million during 1999 alone, has approved a budget for its plan which includes the following foreign-oriented activities
1. Allocation of YR 105 million to participate in international fairs.
2. YR 30 million to produce a touristic film on Yemen.
3. YR 18 million for media campaigns to counter negative reporting.
4. YR 14 million to participate in regional and international tourism conferences and gatherings.
5.YR 11 million to invite tour operators, travel editors and other relevant professionals from Australia, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the Netherlands.
6. YR 7 million to issue brochures and other booklets on Yemen in 5 languages.
7. YR 4.2 million to sponsor Yemen Weeks in Britain, France, Germany and Italy.
8. YR 4.2 million to organize seminars and talks on Yemen in the tourists’ home countries.
9.The Board has also initiated a number of actions within Yemen to help improve security, cleanliness, and general public awareness of the benefits of tourism.
The sudden alliance between the media, business and NGOs – as a result of the Yemen Times initiative – has brought pressure to bear on the authorities to shape and regain leadership in finding solutions to the deterioration in the tourism industry. More on Report Page