Government: Enhancing woman’s role [Archives:2007/1027/Local News]

February 22 2007

SANA'A, Feb. 20 ) The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor a consultative meeting for woman's administrations in ministries, government and NGOs.

The meeting aimed at building capacities of working woman's development administrations and enhancing noble work and social justice.

During the meeting, Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Amat Al-Razaq Hummad stressed the importance of focusing on working woman's development administrations within the program of building and supporting the institutional capacities and enhancing the roles of the working women in all aspects.

Hummad added the dialogue is important and it brings about contact and coordination together with distinctive product. She also emphasized that women should receive good work opportunities.

For her part, deputy head of the Women National Committee Huriah Mashhour assured Yemeni woman has achieved numerous successes under the government and international organization's support, particularly International Labor Organization and Dutch government.

The last year's support aimed to achieve the project as for improving and developing working woman's situation. She also stressed the importance of coordination between all parties involved in order to support woman's issues.

Leading women in charitable acts were honored during the celebration including Ateqa Al-Shami and Dr. Zainab Lalji who encouraged Yemeni women and managed to achieve numerous successes under difficult and harsh circumstances.