Government has little control Tribal clashes continue [Archives:2002/52/Local News]

December 23 2002

Two people were killed and several others were injured in recent tribal clashes between Aal Hamd and Bani Nowf in al-Jowf governorate, 180 north-east Sana’a.
Prior to that, in a tribal conflict that occurred last month, four people were killed.
It’s part of ongoing clashes in that part of Yemen.
Three people belonging to Bani Nowf were killed 5 months ago by tribesmen from Aal Hamd tribe who were working in security offices under the pretext of being involved with car thefts.
These clashes have become common in areas where the government has no control over tribes.
Meanwhile, negotiations to settle tribal disputes between Jeda’an and Jahm tribes are at a standstill. The negotiations have been entrusted to the governor of Marib governorate, who has taken the help of some prominent Sheikhs and officials in the governorate.
The current tribal clashes between these two tribes have erupted at the beginning of 2001 where 12 people were killed and more than 56 injured. An array of light and heavy weapons were used during the clashes.
Tribal resources said that the government’s efforts to make reconciliation are attributed to the forthcoming parliamentary election, since both tribes are in the same election constituency.
Meanwhile, politicians in the Marib governorate have criticized the authorities for not putting an end to the long-term tribal clashes. The authorities gave free hand to these tribes to fight against each other without being intervened.
The breakout of tribal clashes occurred due to land disputes, in addition to long-term tribal revenge.