Government of Japan Supports an  Education Project [Archives:1999/24/Local News]

June 14 1999

On June 6, a delivery ceremony took place. 32 trucks of 5 & 8 ton capacities were delivered, procured under a Japanese Non-project Grant Aid extended by the Government of Japan in 1997 for structural adjustment support. The Ministry of Education was one of the beneficiaries of this grant. They procured these trucks, with values amounting to 201 million yen, to transport the school textbooks to various parts of the country. Other governmental establishments also benefited from this grant and procured equipment necessary for the development process.
The delivery ceremony was attended by Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Iryani, Prime Minister, Dr.Yehya Al-Shu’abi, Minister of Education, Mr. Kenjiro Mori, Japanese Charge d’Affairs, and other officials.