Government required to give tourism development priority [Archives:2003/696/Culture]

December 22 2003

By Ismael al-Ghabiri
Yemen Times Staff

In its overall meaning the tourist activity in general does not differ from comprehensive development within the complete economic and social framework in any country that has given the tourist activity a priority among its sectors composing its national economy. Tourism development and its goals represented by its programs increases tourist and productive revenues in the tourist sector continued effort in planning to the best utilization of all elements of production forming the tourist sector, such as natural landscapes and civilization landmarks and heritage. Related to that are basic tourist services, material and human and the connection and coordination between all that and projects of infrastructure, as an urgent necessity for the establishment of tourist development and capacity for compatibility between the two aspects of tourism and tourism in general as are characterized by supply and demand.
Here lies the scientific task of planning for development and sound anticipation for future that is essentially based on facts, results, studies actual statistics and future vision through reality and economic, tourist and security indicators, locally, regionally and internationally.
Upon this Yemen entertains multi-advantage; natural and civilization-related ones and rather a unique advantage regionally, let alone that those advantages have not been paid the attention they deserve, as tourism is up till now at a level lower that it should be because of certain circumstances that Yemen has undergone. Nevertheless, government and private sector attention has been channeled towards this activity and therefore now it is the prime time that we focus on Yemeni tourism and develop them with more spacious vision and bigger effort based on assets of this country of tourist components and volume of expected proceeds produced by this activity. It is also expected that this activity contributes in the economic and social comprehensive development as it is a productive and service sector.
Diversity and multiplicity of tourist attraction elements in Yemen and their geographical spread and their lacking of tourist services; land and sea, makes providing material and human services at every tourist site or nearby a historical tourist landmark something necessitating priority and importance, such services can be specified as lodging, food facilities, parks and various sport activities, transport services and security. Most important of projects are those related to basic infrastructure in those areas especially still lacking fully or partially of basic infrastructure projects especially if it is taken into consideration that Yemeni tourism is in essence a cultural one.
Out of this reality and understanding the tourist development requires the government attention as fundamental in tourist structure in Yemen and its role in increasing the country's wealth and improving the people's conditions. We would therefore continue demanding for a tourist development all over Yemen and this development would remain an urgent demand till tourism in Yemen reaches an advanced stage and takes its position in this area at both regional and international levels.