Government silent on violence and tribal revenge increases [Archives:2002/12/Local News]

March 18 2002

Violence and tribal revenge acts have gone to the extremes and it appears the government is not able to to stop them. People killed in Yemen in such incidents in a week are more than those killed in Palestine or Afghanistan.
The fighting over a water well in IBB between al-Towaiti and al-Bahm tribes is still going on. The death toll rose to nine since the beginning of this month. Over 60 were wounded. Two villages are burnt out.
Previously 10 persons were killed and dozens were injured in this continued battle. Citizens left their homes and sought shelter in other villages.
The government has been indifferent and has done nothing to stop this one-year-old fight.
In Rada, al-Baidha governorate, seven were killed and 18 wounded in a tribal fight over a piece of land last Wednesday. The four warring tribes of al-Azan, al-Anisi, Bait al-Abdy and Bait Ahiq al-Azani are disputing over pieces of land and other feuds. The fight is still going on.
Again last week, two people were killed and four injured in a tribal clash in Sa’ada as a result of a dispute between Bani Ghalfan and al-Abu Slamah tribes. The fight is over power in which one tribe should have the honor of being Sheikh on the other.
In Taiz in the same week, three people were killed in the Jabal Habashi area in clashes between citizens and bandits. Citizens in that area complain that bandits are oppressing them and robing them in broad daylight. They say the authorities there can not stop such criminal acts.