Government to Reform Electoral System [Archives:2001/24/Front Page]

June 11 2001

Prime Minister Abdulqader Bajamal stated recently that his government would start direct dialogues with all political parties to reform the electoral system as well as elections law which is a priority of the new government. In a press statement, Bajamal said democracy was a partnership between the government and the opposition and the President asked the government not to limit the debates of the new draft law of elections within the cabinet. He stated that all sectors should take part in the discussions. The PM further said that his government would call all secretary generals of political parties to debate different aspects of the law.
Bajamal stressed that the Ministries of Legal Affairs and State for Parliament and Shura Affairs have explained the reasons behind such reforms of the electoral system as well as the political and legal factors which aim at strengthening democracy ensuring transparency.
During the local elections, political parties and opposition demanded the reform of the election system and some amendments to the election law and districts division. President Saleh sadi that after forming the new government the districts division should be reconsidered and that Yemen should be divided into 301 districts to meet the number of seats in the parliament. It is expected that a heated debate over such suggested amendments and reforms will ensue during the coming days. This is because the Minister of Legal Affairs, Abdullah Ahmad Ghanem stated recently that one of the aims of the reform is to abolish the representation of political parties in the supreme election committee and other committees in charge of running elections. This is expected to be objected to strongly by the opposition parties.