Government web site Moving on-line [Archives:2003/03/Local News]

January 20 2003

As part of its plan to go high-tech, the Yemeni government has inaugurated, its official web site.
Engineer Kamal Hussein al-Gabri, the general manager of the telecommunication authority, said that the authority inaugurated the web site for e-government.
The project to help bring the government into wireless communications cost $150,000.
According to Abdu al-Malek al-Mulemee, the minister of communication, preparation for this web site has started six months ago through several ministries.
The inauguration of this web site comes in the framework of a national program of information technology (electronic government). It is still in his first phase.
It contains information and data for each ministry as well as links through which users can get local and international news and electronic services, such as getting a telephone directory for members, results of the general secondary school, news from Yemen’s parliament along with news of ministers and international personalities in addition to another services.
The web site also has a connection to get information about President Ali Abduallah Saleh, such as his biography, plus and his role in modern Yemeni history.
The second phase of the information technology program will include a number of services that will be made available online, rather than only in ministry offices.