GPC members attack Yemen Times reporter [Archives:2006/983/Local News]

September 21 2006

SANA'A, Sept. 19 ) Two individuals affiliated with General People's Congress attacked a Yemen Times reporter at his house in Haddah Area on Monday over a picture for Joint Meeting Parties' candidate Faisal Ben Shamlan.

The attakers, named Mohammed Doman and Talal Messar, knocked fiercely at his door at noon and asked him to come out.

As soon as the reporter came out, they insulted him and asked him to tear down Bin Shamlan's photo. Not responding to their demand and considering it to be an illegal act the reporter refused the demand. They attacked him and threw his camera and broke his recorder.

Another car with two other individuals came with one person carrying a gun and both of them were supporting Doman and Messar and further heaping insults upon him.

When asking about their character they pointed the arms at the reporter in front of people and asked him to remain silent.