GPC restructured [Archives:2003/660/Front Page]

August 18 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Sana'a- Dr. Mohammed Abdulmajeed al-Qubati member of the general secretariat, the head of the political office and foreign relations at the GPC confirmed to the Yemen Times on Saturday the press reports on the GPC's intentions to rebuild its organizational structure with the aim of modernizing it and rendering it into a democratic organization..
He said: “The GPC is working seriously and hard on this issue in order to endorse democracy in its structure and implement decentralization in the governorates, districts and at all levels so as to become a successful modern programmatic democratic political party.” And he added that this kind of change will not be a typical one but will differ according to meeting the peculiarity of each governorate and district.
Such transformation would make the party a pioneer in this respect among political parties in many Arab countries.
As Dr. al-Qubati says: “Democracy is not only a number of elected representing bodies, more than that it is the activation of the principle of transparency in a manner enabling the accountability at the level of organizations whether political parties or civil society organizations or local councils. Democracy does not go in harmony with the absence of the principle of accountability, as there is no accountability without transparency in the work of those bodies.
And if there is a liberal movement in Yemen then the General People's Congress is the one that could represent it in the presence of other currents representing the central right.”
On the reports that claimed that the reason of effecting those changes were because of external dictation, Dr al-Qubati denied such allegations, confirming that the GPC felt the necessity of creating an organizational movement and restructuring in order to cope with the democratic developments the Arab region and the third world are experiencing.