GPC sweeping majorityin LC by-elections [Archives:2003/694/Front Page]

December 15 2003

Mohammed bin Sallam
Results of vote counting of local councils by-elections held last Thursday yielded the GPC ruling party's scoring majority of the seats of governorates and districts all over the republic, preliminary statistics.
In 19 governorates the GPC won 17 seats, the Islah party one seat and the YSP one seat. According to reports presented by committees in various governorates and districts on membership of local councils at 73 election centers, the candidates who won were 58 candidates from the GPC, 7 from the Islah, 3 from the YSP and 6 representing independent candidates.
Official sources of the Supreme Commission of Elections confirmed that the elections held at 384 polling centers in all governorates and districts, in which about 600 thousand voters had participated, had taken place normally and without any problems affecting the progress of both polling and vote counting.
The number of candidates that competed for winning the local councils vacant seats in the districts amounted to 384 candidates; 87 independent candidates, 70 representing the GPC, 14 representing the YSP, 10 representing the Islah and one candidate representing the September Organisation.
The number of candidates competed for filling vacant seats at the governorates level were 156, among whom 30 independent candidates, 19 for the GPC 4 for the YSP and 3 for the Islah.