Graduates of The College of Engineers: Looking Into Future With Worries [Archives:2000/30/Local News]

July 24 2000

The College of Engineering celebrated last Wednesday the graduation of the 2000 batch consisting of 183 students. The graduation ceremony was held at the Studies And Research Center in Sana’a. The batch included 120 electrical engineers, 40 civil engineers, 11 architectural engineers and 12 mechanical engineers. It seemed that the college was less preferred by women for they only formed 10% of the graduates.
Although happy, with smiles drawn on their faces, the graduates could not hide their worries about future prospects. What next? was echoing in their minds.
Instead of expressing happiness, ambitions and optimism about future on their graduation day, they had a lot to complain about. They felt dismay at the absence of the college administration in the ceremony. They haven’t been cooperative, they said.
Graduation projects of some of graduate students are still incomplete due to lack of facilities. Laboratories of the technical institutes are better equipped than those of our college, complained some of them.
Students complained about references, most of which are written in English. Unfortunately, a few know English. More efforts are required to get little information from such references.
What worries them much is the fact that more than 50% of the graduates of previous batches, after being unable to get jobs compatible with their specialization, were helplessly obliged to work in different domains. As we are in Summer, they hoped that private companies and technical institutes would offer them a chance to practice what they had learned.
As far as girls are concerned, they joined the college confidently despite their families’ objections. These also have to look for any kind of work opportunities even if they were beyond their area of specialization.
Civil engineers have a better chance to work in the domain of their specialization for they can run a joint office.
As the governmental offices close their doors to the new graduates, these have to look for other ways to earn their living.
They hope that there will be enough opportunities for them.