Graduates of The Faculty of  Petroleum Still on Strike [Archives:1999/34/Local News]

August 23 1999

After a strike lasting from last Tuesday, a meeting was held Sunday August 15, 1999 at the Ministry of Service to discuss the issue of students who received an order from the President to be employed at The Ministry of Oil. The meeting was attended by Rasheed Ba Rabaa, the Deputy Minister of Oil, the Deputy of the Ministry of Finance, the Deputy Minister of Service and Deputy of the Minister of Education. After a thorough discussion of this issue, they came up with the following solutions:
1- He who wishes to work in any economic unit is entitled to do so.
2- The Ministry of Oil is obliged to organize summer courses for these engineers.
3- These engineers have to work in education for two years and then are eligible to join the Ministry of Oil.
However, the students highly reject this. They request the application of the President’s order. They also decided to continue their strike in front of the Ministry of Oil until their requests are met. They have also decided to file a case against the Ministry of Oil for failing to meet its promises and to carry out the President’s order.