Graduation of fourth class of handicapped [Archives:2003/695/Culture]

December 18 2003

The third class of students with special needs graduated on Tuesday, 9 December in the Vocational Training Center for the Handicapped in Aden, and the fifth class was received for the training year 2003/2004.
The ceremony coincides with the International Day for the Handicapped for which funds were donated by the Society of Special Needs for Development.
Dr. Yahya Al-Shoaibi, Governor of Aden, Abdulkareem Shayef, Secretary-General of the Local Council of the Governorate, and Ms jackleen, representative of the Belgian International Organization for the Handicapped attended the graduation ceremony.
Ms Laila Bashmailah, Director of the Center, explained the role of the center in training the handicapped and offering them the necessary vocational skills suiting the labor market. She pointed to the more than 20 with special needs as well as commercial activities in the center in the field of training and rehabilitation of the handicapped.
Meanwhile, one the graduates delivered a speech on behalf of his colleagues expressing their happiness on this occasion for coinciding with the International Day for the Handicapped. He called on authorities to implement the laws concerning the handicapped which require that 5% of work opportunities be granted to them.
Ms Jackleen, also delivered a speech on this occasion shedding light on the creation of the Belgian International Organization for the Handicapped in 1994. This Organization supported the creation of four rehabilitation centers in Yemen, and artificial limbs workshops in Taiz and Aden.
These facilities provide much needed services to the physically handicapped such as artificial limbs, canes, and physical therapy which contribute greatly to their independence.
Ms. Jackleen assured that the Belgian International Organization for the Handicapped is fighting for the rights of the handicapped, and that there is an international network comprising of international organizations, societies, and agencies as well as Yemeni human rights establishment who try to coordinate various activities benefiting the handicapped in Yemen.
On their side, a group of handicapped presented some artistic plays, and diplomas and presents were distributed.