Great fate [Archives:2006/1003/Community]

November 30 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

So great

So great

A beautiful bird sang

With your smiling soul

My inspiration's hymn

Felt my fate was born

so white and great

Before I read your soul's page

My life would have been blind hope

But when I saw your eyes' portrait

A real brightness

went into my bottomless soul

I felt my love's demarche

so accurate and right

You always bestow

my life a new date

When I looked

within your heart's floodlight

My love tried to get in touch

With your soul's highness


My heart's choice never

be getting misplaced

I still remember

Within the current of cascade

To my captive heart

How gentle smiles you sent!

You plant your goodness free

In my trembling soul's land

You never wait for gratitude

Until the end of time as I feel

You still create my love's deal

To be

The shining smiles

On the innocent child's face

For all stars, the unique colors

For the sun's light,

For singing birds

For each race

No brain's power can brood or guess

How the depth of your warm zeal is!

No majesty can arrive

At your great place