Great News from the Yemen German Hospital [Archives:2001/07/Local News]

February 12 2001

The Yemen German Hospital announces the arrival of a Medical Delegation headed by 
Dr. Dusan Maric 
a postgraduate of the University of Heidelberg – Germany, who is a world renowned anesthesiologist (EU unit), with more than 80,000 successful procedures and a specialist in PAINLESS DELIVERY and PAIN THERAPY. 
Dr. Dusan has previously operated for 25 years in many European cities and universities, including Mainz, Giessen, and Munich in Germany, Paris, Bordeaux, and Strasbourg in France, Vienna in Austria, and Goteburg in Sweden. The German Medical Group will be offering clinics for pain therapy to the Yemeni public for cases of painless delivery and pain therapy starting from this week. 
The delegation also includes Mr. Heiko Horlebeck (from Gera in Germany), a physiotherapist, who will be operating in the hospital, and Mr. Joerg Hornug Head Nurse (Hamburg – Germany) along with German staff members specialized in neuro-surgery, ortho-surgery, internal medical therapy, and Gynecology and Obstetrics. 
The Yemen German Hospital welcomes all Yemeni patients interested in the medical service provided by the pain therapists’ clinic to seize this opportunity and contact the hospital for reservations. 
Dr. Dusan of Yemen German Hospital to YT:  “I can confidently say that using these therapies, there will be no pain anymore” 
Q: What is your main point of attraction in Sanaa City? 
A: I admire the history, the architecture and the free flying eagles over the city. This is not something we witness a lot in Germany. 
Q: Is there anything you do not like in Sanaa ? 
A: I only criticize the disorganized driving of Yemenis and the pedestrians that cause confusion to traffic some times. 
Q: What do you have to say about pain therapy? 
A: First of all, it important to prevent disease through education, a hygienic life, careful urbanization and sports. In the case of disease, it is the duty of every physician to work on relieving the pain of the patients. My job is to block pain before, during, and after operations, and to also treat acute and chronic pain and provide painless delivery. 
Q: What is the process involved in chronic pain therapy? 
A: 40% medical therapy, 30% pain blockage (original anasthaesia), 15% physiotherapy, 10% hygienic life, 10% surgical therapy. I can confidently say that using these therapies, there will be no pain anymore. 
Q: What are the timings of your services at the hospital? 
A: Because this is the first such medical service in this field in Yemen, I will be able to work in universities as well as in the hospital. I need four hours daily for sleep, and the rest of my time will be dedicated to the Yemeni people. 
Q: Who are the best staff members in the Yemen German Hospital? 
A: Dr. Yahya Al-Thawr, General Manager, and Chief of the neuro-surgical department (20 years experience of German skills) because he has a double job as a manager and as the chief of the neuro-surgical department. He is a man with great capacity. 
Finally, Dr. Dusan stated that the Yemen German Hospital Staff will be able to answer any medical questions from the public in similar interviews to be published in Yemen Times in the future.