Great Taiz School robbers caught [Archives:2004/769/Local News]

September 2 2004

The police in Taiz caught a number of robbers at the Educational Complex in the Great Taiz School situated in the Al-Jumhoori Hospital zone.
Citizens reported to the security department that a gang was attempting to rob the school of books. The police then pursued the gang and succeeded in tracking down two culprits. They caught robbers: 18-year-old Ghaleb Mohammed Ghaleb, and 19-year-old Tahir Ibrahim. The police recovered 260 books, said Staff Colonel Yahya Al-Haysami, Deputy Security Official of Taiz.
The rest of the gangsters are to be interrogated including the school security guard.
The school was previously attacked just before the commencement of a scholastic year, and desks, chairs and books were stolen, resulting in that fathers had to buy books on the black market for high prices.