Ground fissures occur in Marib [Archives:2006/932/Local News]

March 27 2006

MARIB, March 25 ) Last Tuesday that ground fissures occurred in Marib governorate's Al-Baten and Kanna villages.

According to Saba News, Derham Al-Dama', secretary-general of Marib's local council, said the rifts are 70-80 meters long and 50 cm wide, adding that they still are expanding. A geological team mentioned that the fissures stretch for three kilometers.

Engineer Hussein Al-Akhali, manager of the Earthquake Observation Center in Dhamar, explained that such a phenomenon occurs due to earthquakes or water depletion. However, the center confirmed that it has not observed any earthquake activity in eastern areas where Marib is located.

Inhabitants of the two villages affirmed that the rifts occurred after heavy rains in the area. Al-Akhali asserted that the rains possibly caused them.

A geological team headed by Al-Akhali has begun studying the fissures' causes. Al-Akhali said the cause of the rifts would be clearly identified in light of the geological study's outcomes. “In light of this study, we will be able to identify the cause of the fissures and whether they are likely to expand in the future. We also will be able to specify their depth,” he added.

This phenomenon is considered the second of its kind in Yemen this month. Earlier this month, a similar phenomenon occurred in Dhamar governorate.