Group of infrastructure projects for islands, prepared [Archives:2004/759/Business & Economy]

August 29 2004

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The State Institution for Development of Yemeni Islands has lately prepared a program of a number of projects for infrastructure and development needed by the Yemeni islands numbering about 153 Sea Islands, 20 of which are situated in the Gulf of Aden.
Sources at the Coordination Council entrusted with islands projects have expected that implementation of vital projects are to be started in the island of Kamaran in the Red Sea, which is the second largest Yemeni island with regard to population density amounting to 6 thousand people.
The island of Kamaran wad selected to be after the island of Socotra concerning attention to be offered and the state support for building infrastructure projects consolidating the island's capacity of attracting investment funds and tourists to visit it. The State Institution for Development of Yemeni Islands had carried out an economic survey of six Yemeni inhabited islands to determine their infrastructure and the extent of each island needs and the number of its population.
The Coordination Council on projects of Yemeni islands is formed from the ministry of Fish Wealth, State Establishment for Tourism, State Establishment for Geological Survey, State Authority for Marine Affairs, State Authority for Environment protection as well as the State Institution for Development of Yemeni islands.