Group of Yemen friends was formed  in the European Parliament [Archives:2000/03/Local News]

January 17 2000

Yemen’s friends group was formed in the European Parliament last Tuesday Jan. 11 at the presence of Yemen Ambassador to European Union Jazem Abdul Khaleq and members from Briton’s, German, Irish and EU Parliament.
The major aim of forming the group set up for the first time in the history of Yemeni Ð European relationship is push up mutual cooperation existed between the two sides in particular and to protect Yemen interest inside the European Parliament. Yemen Ambassador said.
Richard Baffle, a British parliamentarian has suggested for the friends of Yemen Group to organize special visit to Sana’a to be paid later.
He promised to organize a trip for the group to see the Yemeni unbelievable cultural and tourist sites, indicating that it will be unforgettable journey