Growing danger [Archives:2005/857/Health]

July 7 2005

By Dr Amr Adel Gawi
For Yemen Times

Last reports show that there are 300,000,000 people infected with Malaria around the world. This number is constantly increasing. Countries that are located in south desert of Africa are the most regions that undergo the pressure of malaria. However that doesn't mean that the countries located in temperate Zone are insusceptible against this disease.

Doctors achieved a huge progress in malaria medicine during the last years, in spite of many medical relapses. By inserting many compounds that are extracted from Chinese plank, they obtained a cure that treated 90% of the patients in only 3 days.

At the same time many governments, organizations, and societies do their best to fight mosquitoes that caus malaria by distributing mosquito nets and insecticide sprays inside houses.

Many doctors believe that the mortality of malaria equals the death rate of AIDS. In economic point of view, the annual economic developing rate in the countries that are infected by Malaria is less 3.1% than others that have no malaria.

Malaria generators

There are four kinds of parasites that cause Malaria . The most dangerous is “plasmodium Falciparum” which is carried by Anopheles. This parasite is inserted into the blood when the anopheles pricks its needle into the human body. The parasite multiplies inside the red cells at which the end burst out new generations of parasites that cause fever, pain, tremor and sometimes death.

The transition cycle is completed when the other mosquito bites an infected person to pick up many parasites. A person may think that he will be immuned against Malaria if he has been infected once, but that is not true. It is right that the illness is less acute to those subjected to these parasites many times. However if adults get these parasites, they properly undergo sharp anemia and spasms that lead to constant mental illness and death.

Chloroquine remedy that was discovered in Germany in 1934 was considered the best medicine for malaria for many years. In the seventies of the last century this medicine became a treatment for all kinds of fever. However the malaria parasites could improve its resistance against this remedy. Therefore doctors had to use anther remedy called “pyramithamine sufadoxin”, but again the parasites could improve its resistance after five years. So malaria parasites resisted both remedies, leading to decrease the effort of that attempt to control anopheles, believing that there is way to annihilate malaria completely.

Disease fighting

To achieve this purpose any campaign against malaria must be based on treating the disease and preventing parasite transition.

Many studies proved that the remedies that contain at least of one of the compound that are taken out from Sweet wormwood plant can kill malaria parasites. The affective item “Arthmisine” that is existed in this plant is able to reduce the possibilities of resistance of remedy.


Many countries and governments sell and distribute mosquito nets with insecticides against anopheles. These nets work as traps for mosquito that attract to CO2 that escapes through the exhalation of the sleepers. These nets are also distinguished by its weightlessness, thus any one can carry it anywhere. Spraying D.D.T insides buildings and cottages is another affective way but more controversial. This has decreased the death rate to only 140 states and that made many environmental experts to confess the necessity of using D.D.T.