Guidelines for Phamaceutical Policy & Indusrty [Archives:1998/17/Health]

April 27 1998

Organized by the Ministry of Public Health in coordination with the WHO, a seminar entitled “New Trend in Pharmaceutical Policies in the Republic of Yemen” was held during 25-27 April in Sanaa.
Opened by the Minister of Health, Dr. Abdulawali Nasher, the first session included the discussion of papers on the current pharmaceutical situation in Yemen and other Arab countries, the rationalization of medicine administering, and the new trend in the Yemeni pharmaceutical policy.
During the second day of the seminar, the participants discussed the reports on the previous day discussions. On the final day, certificates of appreciation were given to the doctors and pharmacists from Yemen and other Arab countries who took part in the seminar.
The Yemeni Minster of Health outlined the pharmaceutical policy of the Republic of Yemen:
1- Establishing a basic list of medicines according to their various features such as safety, effectiveness, etc;
2- Providing enough financial resources through the participation of society in administration and cost, raising the budget for medicines and looking for external funds;
3- Encouraging the national and regional pharmaceutical industry in the Arab World in view of the local and Arab pharmaceutical policies in order to achieve a pharmaceutical integration in the Arab World;
4- Encouraging investments in the health and pharmaceutical industries;
5- Formulating the necessary charters, protocols, guidelines and educational methods for rationalizing the use of medicines;
6- Training and qualifying doctors and pharmacists and raising the level of university education.
The Minister of Health also indicated that a medicine directory has just been completed in order to provide a valuable source of information for pharmacists and doctors. Preparations are also underway to establish a pharmaceutical information center .
Doaa Taha