Guilty Before Proven Innocent [Archives:2005/861/Community]

July 21 2005

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What do they gain by bombing innocent people leading their normal lives? What point are they trying to prove? As far as I am concerned none. These so called “Islamic groups” who have been taking responsibilities for what happened in London, should be ashamed.

As a Muslim, I am ashamed of myself at what these “Islamic groups” are doing in the name of Islam. It seems like they are caught up in a stream of hate, which has blinded them from Islam's true meaning. Islam does not encourage the killing of the innocent in any way; it's a religion of peace and justice.

Many other Moslems I'm sure, condemn the actions of these “Islamic groups” because they do not represent our beliefs and morals. Committing suicide is against our religion, because our lives are not ours to end and I personally do not see how suicide bombers are considered acceptable to these “Islamic groups” who obviously have their own agenda. They are using Islam as a shield to hind or try to justify their actions.

I really do understand Moslem's wrath against the western world for what they have done in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and etc. The western world has watched while hundreds of thousand of innocent people were killed by their military and their allies, but we should not follow their actions. If they have the blood of innocent people on their hands and conscious, we should not do the same mistake: after all we will all die and be judged. A mistake does not solve another mistake it just makes it worst, and as Moslems we should do the right thing no matter what.

Others are judging us, Moslems, for the actions of these “Islam groups” and those of us living in or traveling to North America and Europe suffer the most because of such events. We are sometimes looked upon with suspicious eyes and treated with caution when traveling. We have become guilty before proven innocent.

Its not the western people who we, Moslems, are angry at, it's their governments actions towards our lands, resources, and innocent, so why let them suffer for the mistakes of their governments. Even tough they are considered a “democracy”, governments in the western world ignores their people's “voices” when it comes to a war they will benefit from. The western governments are using “Democracy” as a shield to hind or justify their actions and agenda's, they are acting like the “Islamic groups”, but they all have a different agenda for us all. Terrorism is a disease that is affecting us all, even those who create it.