Gulf-based Fifth Fleet US Commander Arrives in Sanaa [Archives:2001/33/Front Page]

August 13 2001

Commander of the American Fifth Fleet stationed in the Gulf region Tommy Frank arrives in Sana’a on Thursday. This is the first visit conducted by an official from the 5th fleet in the Gulf to Yemen since the terrorist attack on the USS Cole destroyer committed in Aden last October. After the visit of the American official to Yemen the USS Cole would return to Aden once maintenance works are finished.
Reliable sources told Yemen Times that the aim of the American Commander’s visit to the country is to cement and broaden fraternal ties between the Yemeni-American Military Leadership throughout the execution of joint military training before the end of the current year.
It is worth mentioning that Oman and Britain are preparing for a joint military maneuver very close to Yemeni water territories due in a couple of Months. The sources added that the Yemeni authorities expressed discontent at the maneuvers but never stated the reasons behind the refusal. On the other hand the Yemeni authorities have responded to demands made by the American investigators regarding the interrogation with 120 Yemeni personalities. The new group has begun interrogations in the city of Aden. Other Arab and American persons are simultaneously carrying out indirect surveys and investigations in the capital Sana’a.