GUTTW calls for walkout [Archives:2003/679/Local News]

October 23 2003

Sana’a, Oct. 21- A press release received recently by the Yemen Times and issued by The General Union for Telecommunication and Transportation Workers, GUTTW, has described conditions of transportation sector as “chaos”. This is because, truck owners have been obliged to pay amounts of money in order to get permissions. This has created a sense of chaos and congestion inside the Hodiedah Harbor.
The GUTTW has followed up the implementation of the meetings’ decisions held by the syndicate leaderships at the land transportation sector in Aden on July 13-14, 2003.
A comprehensive study on transportation law articles and its executive bylaws have been conducted through the follow-up committee and by the legal consultant who was also entrusted with this task.
The study has focused on the great losses sustained by transport owners in all governorates of the republic.
In this regard, letters by the legal consultant have been sent to the presidential office, the cabinet, the parliament, the Shura Council, explaining the damage that will befall a large portion of the society estimated at 13 percent of the total population.
“Such condition has been in a state of chaos and this manifests itself through our follow-up to promises given by the concerned bodies at the transportation ministry to establish agent offices in an amazing manner in all the passengers and goods’ transportation sectors and in all governorates of the republic.
Due to not receiving any positive response, an extensive meeting for the syndicate leaderships was held at the vocational transportation sector in Sana’a on September 23-24 attended by 57 syndicate committees.
The statement has demanded the postponement of validity of law No, (33) for 2003 and its executive bylaws.
It also demanded for setting an enlarged committee representing the parliament, the cabinet, ministries such as, the Legal Affairs, the Industry and Commerce, the Transportation, the Interior, the Lawyers Syndicate in order to get informed on the diesel issue, the privatization of Land Transportation Corporation as well as getting informed on conditions of bus companies spread randomly in all governorates of the republic.
“The committee should also discuss law articles related to the Transportation Law as well as determining losses.
But the statement strongly stress on that no alternative has been made and that the executive office has decided a 12-hour strike which started on October 22.
This has been preceded by raising red signs for three consecutive days specifically on October 15.
A 3-hour partial strike also started on October 18 and the second strike started on October 22
In addition, collective sits-in are to be staged during the Holy month of Ramadhan in the Capital and the other cities of the republic. “If no response has been showed, an open general strike is to be declared by the executive office in all transportation sectors affiliated to GUTTW.
“General Union for Yemeni Workers and the General Syndicates have to show a total solidarity and use all the available means in order to achieve our just and simple demands and ensure noble living standards and without slavery,” the statement called.
In case of not fulfilling or responding to their demands, the statement holds the transportation Ministry accountable for those procedures.
The statement at the end has called on all general union branches and syndicate committees for showing adherence of what has been mentioned and prevented any individual or a given party from utilizing those procedures for illegal purposes.