Hadhramaut University: 6 Years of Progress [Archives:2001/40/Local News]

October 1 2001

After the elapse of 6 years since its foundation, Hadhramaut University has achieved dramatic shifts at both levels, scientific and constructive. Since its foundation in 1995 and the inauguration of the Faculty of Engineering in 1996, the university has witnessed great progress in specialized departments. The number of colleges have reached to nine colleges. Around 377 of the member staff have worked in the university.
In a statement to YT Dr. Ali Hood Baobab said that the university has been established to meet the requirements of the academic researches in attempt to provide sound education for all specializations. He added that the university comprises 9 colleges, education, engineering, Girls College, medicine, Environmental college, Practical sciences, and college of Education.
Concerning the admissions conditions, the university has its best to reduce the admission fees, pointing out that seeking to reduce the economical burden on the Yemeni expatriates. The university has allocated five seats for each specialization .ie $ 2000 for the College of Medicine and $ 1500 for the Faculty of Engineering. Concerning the future plans of the university, Ali Hood Babbad said that the university is seeking to provide financing resources to implement the general plans of the university totaling $ 250, in addition to other facilities and services as that of educational hospital, photocopiers, library, and boarding rooms. Concerning its relations, the university has established its relations with other Islamic and Arab universities; Baobab said that the university has signed agreements with Islamic and Arab countries.