Hadrami drivers more rational [Archives:2006/945/Local News]

May 11 2006

Saeed Al-Batati
HADRAMOUT, May 9 ) Hadramout witnessed less number of traffic accidents, compared to other Yemeni governorates for the last twelve months, Director General of Traffic Department said.

Lieutenant Colonel Mohamed Al-Qudaimi confirmed that despite the fact that Hadramout has the largest area among Yemeni provinces, traffic accidents in this province are the least during 2005-2006.

“Traffic accidents registered from May 2005 until April 2006 numbered 356, including major and minor accidents, compared to 380 accidents during the previous year.” Al-Qudaimi added.

This year's accidents killed 58 people, of whom 49 males and 9 females, wounded 358 others, of whom 251 males and 107 females and caused loss of property estimated at 27626000 Yemeni Riyals, according to Director General of Hadramout Traffic Department.

He attributed the decline of accidents in the province to the spread of awareness among locals, pointing out that most of the registered accidents were caused by drivers from other provinces.

Asked about causes of traffic accidents, Al-Qudaimi said indifference on the part of drivers and the use of mobile phones while driving play a great role in causing traffic accidents, coupled with high speed and bad roads.

“Most of traffic accidents occurred on the Sayoun- Mukalla Highway due to risky topography including slopes and highlands,” Al-Qudaimi said. He stressed the highway must be rehabilitated according to traffic regulations and bylaws.

Additionally, the leakage of diesel from old trucks confuses citizens, as the substance is responsible for vehicles slipping and drifting off roads in slopes.

Hadramout Traffic Department organized Tuesday a concluding ceremony of the Sixth Traffic Week coinciding with the Arab Traffic Week from May 4-9. The event was attended by many citizens from throughout the governorate.

On the national level, victims of traffic accidents are on the rise due to multiple factors. According to official scores, 702 people died in traffic accidents over the past four months with a daily average of 6 deaths.

Over the past four months, 1730 traffic accidents, in which 3279 people faced differing injuries and properties estimated at millions of Riyals were damaged.

2005 traffic accidents outnumbered those of the year before, said traffic officials while scores released by General Traffic Department indicated that accidents amounted up to 12869 nationwide during 2005, compared to 12267 accidents in 2004. According to the same scores, 2005 accidents claimed 2510 lives and critically wounded 7030 people, compared to 2249 deaths and 5443 major injuries during 2004.

2005 traffic accidents caused 7318 minor injuries, compared to 8174 during the 2004, the scores revealed, adding that over 135 thousand traffic accidents, killing 26 thousand people and injuring 152 thousand others, have been registered over the past 15 years.

According to concerned parties, break-neck speed, lack of car maintenance and lack of public awareness about traffic regulations and laws, coupled with rough roads and randomly issuing driving licenses are the primary causes of traffic accidents nationwide.