Hadramout: The Heart of Yemen [Archives:1999/30/Culture]

July 26 1999

Hadramout is the Yemeni mermaid, which perplexed the great poets and historians. For many centuries writers had tried to describe the charming features of this region, but they couldn’t give her adequate descriptions. One of the main great characteristics of Hadramout is its musical varieties. This comes as a result of their various travels, i.e. they used to travel east & west.. Borrowed some types of other nations rhythms.. Mixed them elegantly with their own.. and produced new types reflecting their simple peaceful and loveable character.
With special concentration, I will try to write some articles on what’s up with the preparation of the first festival of Hadramout music 99, and on the other hand, I will shed light on some of the cultural heritage of this golden province just to attract the attention of the foreign tourists to convince them to visit this beautiful mermaid and see the real charm of her beaches, forts, skyscrapers, museums, and kind people.
Hadramout Music Festival 99:
Hadramout musicians association issued a new colored bulletin of information about the preparation of the Hadramout Music Festival 99. This bulletin contains a word written by the state governor, the festival schedules, and the festival goals.
Festival Goals:
The prepared bulletin mentioned many goals, the most permanent ones are as follows:
1-To give special prizes to the talented local poets, artists, and musicians.
2-To highlight the special role o f the Hadrami songs and ballads in the Yemeni folklore.
3-To introduce the public musical folklore in Hadramout and all over the country.
4-To present some types of Hadramout folklore inside and outside the country.
5-To give an introduction of the great pioneers of the local and public poets and musicians.
6-To encourage the innovative and cultural movement in Hadramout, in particular, and in Yemen in general.
7-To encourage scientific research regarding musical and cultural heritage of this region.
Special Notes:
1-The festival will be held during the revolution’s celebrations in September & October 99.
2-A public dance concert will take place in Mukalla Main Street in the first day of the festival.
3-A great performance of some popular songs of the great local poet, Hussein Al-Mehdar.
4-Two fairs will be held representing drawings and some old record cassettes and tapes of the Hadramout singers and local poets.
5-Finally this festival will remember all Yemenis with the great song poets and musicians in this region. Those pioneers contributed in reflecting the Peoples daily life themes with their two sides happiness & sadness, ups & downs, etc. I hereby invite all lovers of Hadrami songs & music to come to this national ceremony.