Hadramout university teaching staff raise warnings [Archives:2007/1103/Local News]

November 19 2007

HADRAMOUT, Nov. 18 ) Teaching staff at Hadramout University of Science and Technology have begun raising warnings, demanding the university administration meet their demands, which include applying the Law of Yemeni Universities at their university. They further demand administrative and academic reforms at the university.

The problem began Aug. 29 when the administrative board of the university's teaching staff syndicate released a statement claiming 16 rights and demands by teaching staff. However, university Rector Ahmad Omar Bamashmous did not respond to their demands.

After their statement's release, the teaching staff syndicate said it would escalate the situation through a partial strike. This dissatisfied Bamashmous, who considered such action an assault against the university.

Moreover, the protestors say their demands are not about money; rather, they simply demand reforming the academic and administrative board.

In an effort to resolve the problem, Bamashmous accused the syndicate of escalating the political situation in that region, alleging that they are related to protestors in Yemen's southern governorates.

The problem worsened when Bamashmous called for the university council meeting, at which he removed the syndicate's legally-elected representative.

However, the syndicate claimed the meeting was illegitimate, demanding the meeting's minutes be cancelled. Despite the intervention of the governor, Bamashmous refused to meet the syndicate's demands, for which the syndicate threatens to escalate the situation they remain unmet.